All Grass Products

With Phoenix Lawns, you can have a beautiful lawn all year long that is virtually maintenance-free. Can you imagine looking out over a professionally manicured green lawn every day that doesn’t require any mowing, watering or chemicals, regardless of the weather.

A synthetic alternative to natural grass, Phoenix Lawns offers you the beauty of a perfectly maintained lawn. Less maintenance results in extensive savings for you and reduce the damage to the environment. In addition to the realistic appearance, it is safe for children, animals and pets, and it can increase property values.

Whether it’s in your front garden, around a pool, on a balcony or used to create a roof garden, artificial grass enhances any landscape design and not just around your home. Commercial uses range from small businesses to large businesses.

All Grass Products


Not only does TigerTurf’s top seller Finesse use the varied tones of Finesse Deluxe to create a very natural appearance, it is also shorter in height at 26mm to give it the ‘freshly mowed’ effect. Finesse is great for relaxing days and peaceful evenings in the garden.

Finesse Deluxe

Finesse Deluxe is a similar product to Vision Plus Deluxe in that it is very dense and oozes opulence. Finesse Deluxe incorporates several shades of green yarns with a mix of brown yarns at the root to give it the ultimate authentic look and feel of natural turf- all year round.

Finesse Lite

The little brother of the Finesse family is Finesse Lite; quality engineered throughout, Finesse Lite is shorter in height at 22mm with straight green blades held in tightly by the brown texturized ‘roots’ giving the soft yet durable surface stability.


Vision offers a fresh green lawn to relax on and admire. Combining a number of green tones and multiple blades of grass, Vision Plus offers a thick, soft and healthy looking surface.


This is the ideal product for energetic families and pets as it has strong durable blades that react well to heavy usage and still look like new. Aspire has two strong contrasting green colours, giving the appearance of a well-kept lawn. This product has two specialised yarns unique to TigerTurf that will keep the grass standing up straight and true.

Vision Deluxe

Designed to replicate the perfect lush lawn, Vision Deluxe has a luxurious appearance helped by its high density and 30mm height. This products unique quality is that it is created using three different shades of green to emulate the picture-perfect green lawn.


Eden is a unique, omni-directional™ product, creatively made to perfectly replicate natural grass. Eden’s deflection of light and incorporation of moss and hazel colours in the thatch layer make this product extremely realistic.


Serenity is a competitively priced, silky soft landscape grass that offers a varied mix of green and jute tones that mimic natural healthy lawns. Dense in appearance, this product stands at 30mm in height and is ideal for summer picnics and peaceful days in the garden.

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