Artificial Lawns for Home (Pets)

Come rain, shine or snow, nothing affects artificial grass from Phoenix lawns. Our grass looks great all year round with minimum effort from you! So save yourself the bother of mowing feeding, weeding and sowing, and just sit back and enjoy!

Artificial Grass is the perfect choice at home, whether you’re a family with children, dog lovers, or just struggle with the time and effort required to maintain areal lawn.

All the products we fit are tested under the strictest of conditions and are safety approved, not containing any harmful materials or toxins making it perfect for children and pets.

Your children will love your new artificial lawn as much as you. With quicker drainage and drying time than real grass, the kids can be back out to play shortly after the rain has stopped with the mess and muddy footprints you would expect from real grass.

Artifical Grass For Home (Pets)

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How is artificial grass better?

Artificial grass is unaffected by dog urine, so there won’t be any burnt patches on your lawn. The synthetic grass is easy to wash with a hose or bucket of water and with its internal drainage system, there’s no chance for unpleasant smells to build up over time.

Artificial grass is strong, and durable. That means it will withstand all the running and playing your dogs can throw at it! We use a sand infill which holds the artificial grass in place securely. If your pets are particularly vigorous in their play, this is no problem, just tell us and we’ll install your lawn with heavy duty fixings to ensure it can withstand your pet’s games.

Our synthetic grass is made with a perforated latex backing, allowing water to drain easily. Artificial turf is suitable even in the most poorly drained areas. Which means no more soaking wet dogs traipsing muddy footprints in the house in the wetter seasons. Similarly, your garden won’t become a dust bowl with worn away patches in droughts.

We find that dogs aren’t very keen on trying to eat synthetic grass, however it is good to know our products are all non-toxic. We only install TigerTurf synthetic grass. TigerTurf is manufactured solely in the UK, and is made from entirely non-toxic ingredients. Similarly everything we, Phoenix Lawns, will use in your installation is non-toxic.

This also means that for any dogs who suffer a grass allergy, or any of the related skin irritations from insects that live in the grass, an artificial lawn is a great hypoallergenic alternative for your dog.

Key Facts

Safety First

Tigerturfs artificial grass follows all British star cards and contains no harmful materials or toxins, making it perfect for the whole family!

Cost Effective

Without the need for feeding weeding mowing and sowing artificial grass will not only save you money but time too, so sit back and enjoy!


Relax knowing you’ve chosen Phoenix lawns to install your artificial grass with over 34 years of experience in the industry!

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